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Curse of the Pogo Stick by Colin Cotterill

Curse of the Pogo Stick by Colin Cotterill (2008)Curse of the Pogo Stick is the fifth mystery in the Dr. Siri Paiboun series featuring the national coroner of  Laos. The series is set in the mid-1970s, following the withdrawal of  Western forces from the region and as Laos was being taken over by the communists.

I recommend reading this series in order though, as the mystery elements are made even more complicated by Siri's increasingly strong connection with the spirit world. (Dr. Siri Paiboun Series: The Coroner's Lunch (2004), Thirty-Three Teeth (2005), Disco for the Departed (2006), and Anarchy and Old Dogs (2007)

Curse of the Pogo Stick isn't strictly a whodunit-style mystery. The story is unexpected. Helped along by Colin Cotterill's convoluted plots and exotic location, it is fun to read.

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