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You may have heard of the Enneagram, a system for sorting people into nine different categories, based on how they relate to the self, others, and the world at large. Enter Millenneagram: The Enneagram Guide for Discovering Your Truest, Baddest Self (2019), the updated enneagram for millennials (though you don't need to fall into that generation to enjoy this book). Filled with pop culture references and tongue-in-cheek humor, Hannah Paasch has transformed the classic personality test to appeal to the Buzzfeed generation.

My favorite pages are the meme-style charts depicting how the different numbers respond to situations like getting stuck in traffic. This guide breaks down the nine types into easy to understand descriptions that will help you better understand your loved ones, your coworkers, and your own emotions. Prepare to laugh out loud and be called out on your personal faults at the same time.

The Night Tiger
The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

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