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After my 11-year-old niece raved about Nimona (2015), I had to read the teen graphic novel so we could discuss it. What a story!

Are the villains really bad and are the heroes really good? That's what author Noelle Stevenson asks in this morality tale. On the surface, villain Lord Blackheart is fighting the kingdom's Institute. His nemesis and former best friend Sir Goldenloin defends the kingdom.

Nimona, a gutsy young girl and shapeshifter, offers her skills to Blackheart as his apprentice.Chaos and hilarity ensue. Quirky and engaging, with dark comedy and endearing relationships, Nimona will grab the attention of even the most reluctant reader. It's a story enhanced by the artwork.

Nimona is available to read immediately on Hoopla. You can even listen to a full cast recording.

The Prophets
The Lost Jewels

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