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The Body in the Belfry by Katherine Hall Page (1990)

There’s nothing like finding a dead body to cure a case of ennui. Faith Fairchild, a transplanted successful Manhattan caterer, was ruing her dull but comfortable life as a mother to baby Benjamin, and wife to Aleford, Massachusetts’ minister Tom Fairchild when she discovered the dead body of Cindy Moore, in the church’s belfry. When Cindy’s fiancé, a well-liked young parishioner becomes a key suspect, Faith takes it upon herself to “help” clear his name. Readers who enjoy well-written “cozy” mysteries, will enjoy the Faith Fairchild series.
Read The Body in the Belfry by Katherine Hall Page today.
Sutton by J. R. Moehringer (2012)
Dream Team by Jack McCallum (2012)

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