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The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry

The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry (2008)
One hundred year old Roseanne McNulty has spent most of her adult life in the Sligo and Roscommon mental hospitals. Roseanne has been secretly recording her life's story in a journal which she keeps hidden under the floorboards in her room. Dr. Grene, the psychiatrist of the soon to be demolished Roscommon mental institution, must assess whether or not Roseanne can be released. He begins to read the official report of her institutionalization, much of which is based on the account of the local Sligo parish priest Fr. Gaunt. The two narratives of Roseanne's life reveal how her life is inexorably and tragically interwoven into the troubled history of the Irish civil war and the strict Catholicism that governed all aspects of life in the rural west of Ireland.

Read a biography of the author, visit for a review, and check out an interview by The Guardian (UK).
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