The Blind Side by Michael Lewis

The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis (2006)
Read the incredible true story of Baltimore Ravens lineman Michael Oher (pronounced OAR). One of thirteen children born to a crack addict mother, Oher spent his formative years on the streets of Memphis – times where neither the state nor the schools had any record of his existence.

But through a chance meeting with the Tuohy family at Briarcrest Christian High School, Oher becomes part of a family, attends school regularly, plays sports – and gets a chance in life. It’s a powerful story with many great messages (although I did skim over the lengthy descriptions of the development of the left tackle in the NFL).

Listen to an interview with the author and read an excerpt from the book at Be sure to check out the YouTube video A Diamond in the Rough. And have you heard? The film of the same name has been nominated for two Academy Awards (Best Picture and Best Actress — Sandra Bullock).

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