The Indian Prairie Public Library District includes most of Darien and Willowbrook, part of Burr Ridge, and some unincorporated areas. The district is a separate taxing body and residents, property owners, and businesses pay taxes to directly support the library. Look for "Library Tax" on your property tax bill to see if you live in the district. If you are a renter or can't find your tax bill, call us at 630/887-8760 and we will tell you if you are a district resident. If you don't live in the district, you can still receive library services by purchasing a card.

If you live in the library district: 

  • Provide one form of identification with your name (Driver's License, State ID, piece of first class mail with current postmark, current utility bill, bank statement, or rental lease)
  • If you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian will need to be present to sign for your card

If you live outside the library district: 

  • You may purchase a library card for your household for $201 a year. This entitles you to all services provided by IPPL, plus you may use the card at other libraries. The rate changes each July 1.  This amount is based upon the average tax paid to the library by a household.
  • Make sure you don't already pay taxes to support another library before purchasing a card
  • Your card is good for one year
  • Renew it online or in-person at the library.  If you renew in-person you will be asked to show your ID with your current address. If you renew online, you will be asked to show your ID the first time you come into the library after renewing your card.

If you own property in the district but do not live in the district: 

  • Provide your current tax bill for the property located in the library district

If you own a business or are an organization in the district:

  • We will issue a library card to any school, church, organization, or business located in the library district
  • Provide proof of the business location
  • The senior administrator, president, or business owner must sign the application
  • Your card is good for five years and you may renew it by showing proof of the business location
  • Apply online or contact the Checkout & Card Services Department at 630/887-8760, ext. 222

Businesses located in areas without tax-supported library services may purchase a non-resident business card based upon the fee formula adopted by the library.

Cardholders are responsible for items checked out on their card. If your card is lost, please report it immediately by calling 630/887-8760 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is a $2 charge for a replacement card.