Spring is Hopping(and growing) in Kids & Teens

Baby Chicks In Kids & Teens

​The chicken eggs are hatching. Check out the 24/7 Chick incubator video to see the new arrivals and how the Darien Dragons 4H team prepared the incubators for the chicks arrival this week. This is a great learning opportunity for families and classrooms.

If you haven't stopped into the Kids & Teens Department recently, you might also want to take a look at the tadpole tank. The tank has two tadpoles for visitors to see how a tadpole becomes a frog. Kids can also vote for the names of the tadpoles. Check out the list of name pairs and add your sticker to your favorite.

Kids & Teens staff are also getting ready to visit the schools in the Indian Prairie Library District. We'll be sharing some of the Summer Challenge events, activities and prizes you can have fun with over your summer. We'll be coming to your school beginning the week of May13. We'd love to hear if you came to visit the chicks and tadpoles.


Students Art on Display

Inspiring art work from Darien area youth, 4-years-old through 12th grade, is on exhibit on the 2nd floor library art gallery. These unique works show a wide range talent by the children in our community. Pieces displayed are part of the annual contest held by the Darien Woman's Club.

We would also like to congratulate Mr. Etherington, from Cass Junior High School. Mr. Matt Etherington was named Art Educator of the Year by the Illinois Art Education Association. Some of Mr.Etherington's students are featured in the Darien Woman's art display.

Congratulations also go out to Gower School District #62. They are the winners of the Follett Challenge for Schools. The challenge was featured in last months Library News blog. Thank you for the community support in voting. Their video had the 2nd highest number of votes!


Good luck Gower School District

Gower School District has entered their library in the 2019 Follett Challenge.

Voting takes place the week of January 21-25. Each person over age 13 may vote once per day during the five days, and the contest closes at 4pm CST on Friday 1/25. Winners will be announced at the end of February. Here is the link to vote for Gower’s submission, called “This Is Gower.”

We would also like to extend a shout out to District 61 Librarian, Diane Nelson for coming by to help the kids and staff at the Path to Progress Maze Building on Monday, for Martin Luther King Jr Day. Our community built our maze paths using the book, Love will see you through : Martin Luther King Jr.'s six guiding beliefs (as told by his niece).  Ms. Nelson's team built their path on Belief number 2: Love Your Enemies. Check out more pictures and video on Indian Prairie's social media pages.

Winter Break Fun at Indian Prairie

During Winter Break we have programs and activities for many interests.
  • Winter Break Movies. Christopher Robin PG Thursday, Dec. 27 12:30-2:30 and Teen Titans Go! to the Movies (PG) Thursday, Jan. 3 11:00 - 12:30.
  • Mighty Mid-Kid Family Gaming Friday, Dec. 28 2:00 - 4:30. (One of our volunteers will be showing families how to play the card game Bridge. Try out a new board or card game, Wii or Nintendo.
  • Perler Pop. Friday, Jan. 4, 12:30 - 2:00.
  • Sensory Storytime. Saturday, Jan. 5 10:15.
Programs are just the start. Anytime the Library is open, families and kids can explore the many games, Wouldshop and Little Shop activities we have just for you. Try out the poster printer, sewing machine or the Ellison dye station. Create music using the Midi.

Looking Forward with Gratitude

Celebrating Miss JaneAt this time we often look back and share what we are Thankful for over the year. I know I am thankful for the wonderful kids, families and Indian Prairie Library community that invite us to be a part of your day.

I am thankful for the parents, schools, teachers, administrators  and community leaders that are so excited to learn with us about what their kids need to be curious, explore, experiment and expand the world around them.

I am also thankful for the amazing people who I get to learn from and expand my world with. One of these is Miss Jane.   Miss Jane is retiring. We invite the community to celebrate with us.


Mr. Timothy by Louis Bayard

Mr. Timothy by Louis Bayard (2003)
Did you ever wonder what may have happened to Tiny Tim, the Cratchett family, or old Mr. Scrooge? Bayard answers that question in a very imaginative and mysterious way. Part historical fiction, part mystery, and part psychological thriller, this book is a wonderful read.

Visit the author's website and read a review at