The Wicked + The Divine

Every 90 years 12 young people reincarnate as 12 gods of old. Ameratsu, Baal, Baphomet, Sakhmet, Lucifer, Persephone, and more. They are loved, they are hated, and in two years, they are dead. The Wicked + The Divine combines Kieron Gillen's phenomenal writing, Jamie McKelvie's incomparable visuals and my personal favorite colorist in the business, Matthew Wilson; together they serve up an unforgettable eyeful of a story. It's about fame, celebrity, death, identity, pop culture, and being young. It's a roller coaster ride of a story that's hard not to try to devour in one sitting.


Steampunk fantasy eldritch horror action. If any of those words appealed to you, pick Monstress by Marjorie Liu up right now. Read it because the art is gorgeous. Read it for the nekomancers, warrior-poet cat necromancers. Read it for the complex worldbuilding, the twisting mystery, and the complex, flawed characters struggling to survive, let alone do the right thing, in a world torn apart by war. Read it because Maika Halfwolf has a monster inside of her that could destroy the world, or maybe save it. Read it for the shark-headed lady pirate. Read it because it will leave you spellbound. Heads up, though, maybe don't read this if gore, mature themes, harm to children, or body horror are upsetting elements for you.