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Brunelleschi's Dome by Ross King

Brunelleschi's Dome: how a Renaissance genius reinvented architecture by Ross King (2000)
This book describes how a fifteenth-century goldsmith and clockmaker, Filippo Brunelleschi, came up with a unique design for the dome to crown Florence's magnificent new cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore.

With the excitement of the Renaissance as a backdrop, author King tells the whole story from Florence. Brunelleschi’s bitter, ongoing rivalry with the sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti to the near capture of Florence by the Duke of Milan.

To help you make this journey back to fifteenth century Florence, King includes lots of fascinating detail; the traditions of the brickmaker’s art, the daily routine of the artisans laboring hundreds of feet above the ground as the dome grew ever higher, the problems of transportation and the power of the guilds.

Loving Frank by Nancy Horan

Loving Frank by Nancy Horan (2007)
Sure to be popular on the book club circuit, Loving Frank is Mamah Cheney’s story of her affair with Frank Lloyd Wright. Horan uncovered what little information exists about Cheney to create a portrait of an intelligent woman constrained by the conventions of her time. Mamah meets Wright after her kindhearted husband commissions him to design their house. In Wright, Mamah discovers the passion and intelligence lacking in her marriage. Horan skillfully explores Mamah’s scandalous decision to leave her husband and her two young children to be with Wright.

Find everything you wanted to know about the novel or the author at the Loving Frank website. Get an author biography or interview; learn more about the book, the true story, and the reader's guide; and so much more. Discover the Prairie School of Architecture. Read and listen on the PBS site dedicated to Frank Lloyd Wright -- and you can request the accompanying Ken Burns documentary from the library.