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Spring is Hopping(and growing) in Kids & Teens

Baby Chicks In Kids & Teens

​The chicken eggs are hatching. Check out the 24/7 Chick incubator video to see the new arrivals and how the Darien Dragons 4H team prepared the incubators for the chicks arrival this week. This is a great learning opportunity for families and classrooms.

If you haven't stopped into the Kids & Teens Department recently, you might also want to take a look at the tadpole tank. The tank has two tadpoles for visitors to see how a tadpole becomes a frog. Kids can also vote for the names of the tadpoles. Check out the list of name pairs and add your sticker to your favorite.

Kids & Teens staff are also getting ready to visit the schools in the Indian Prairie Library District. We'll be sharing some of the Summer Challenge events, activities and prizes you can have fun with over your summer. We'll be coming to your school beginning the week of May13. We'd love to hear if you came to visit the chicks and tadpoles.

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